Top 7 Open Source Wireframe Tools

March 1, 2023
Top 7 Open Source Wireframe Tools


Building wireframes used to be challenging in the past. However, technology development has brought a spectacular upgrade to this work. Now, UI/UX designers often take advantage of online software to build an attractive project in just a matter of minutes. As the market is flooded with so many choices, this article comes up with a list of the best wireframe tools open source to save time.

What Are Wireframe Tools? 

In case you have never heard of this tech support, wireframing tools help simulate sketches with just a few setup taps. Typically, a drag-and-drop editor takes resources (images, shapes, assets, etc.) from the library and easily arranges them.

Wireframing tool helps convert draft to real simulation

Besides quick and convenient development process, this design tool offers a wide range of significant benefits such as:

  • Building connections between information architecture and visual design.
  • Meet the needs of diverse displays on the user interface.
  • Identify functions as basic plans.
  • Determine content distribution based on total space and specific location.

What Makes A Good Wireframe Tool? 

Besides the artistry, which sometimes may cause discussion due to the different aesthetic perceptions, designers should focus on technical quality. Here are all the essential notices for this:

A Built-In Or Uploadable UI Kit

It is best to create a built-in component library. Otherwise, it would help if you also leaned towards a user interface that allows uploading capabilities on its own.

Scalable Mockup Fidelity

A good output usually has a smooth transition between mockup ratios. Simply put, users can change from basic fidelity to more complex graphics levels.

Collaborative Working

The COVID epidemic has led to a new working style in the digital age - hybrid. It means employees require an appropriate means of getting work done online.

Designers should develop a wireframe that fosters remote team collaboration to meet this need. Permission to change or leave feedback between participants is an important feature in this modern times.

Export Options

Creating a wireframe should not be an instant action but a continuous phase. In other words, it is well-thought-out for these situations by exporting HTML or setting up CSS permissions.

Top 7 Wireframe Tools Open Source 

Wondershare Mockitt

Most Wondershare users are satisfied with a rich template library. Besides, it features icon sets and user interfaces that simulate famous wireframes such as Spotify, Instagram, or Twitter.

When it comes to a user-friendly interface, this application appears as a simple working portal, especially for newbies. The manufacturer also develops a community of users for sharing experiences more than providing services.

Through Youtube, Wondershare Mockitt exhibits video tutorials for all levels of designers to learn and make the most of those great features.

Nothing but this option should stay at the top of consideration for a useful wireframe solution for browsing.

The site serves as a blank canvas where visitors freely drag and drop striking components to build their projects efficiently. It is time to let your imagination and creativity run wild.

Even better, feel free to adjust the format, size, grid, typography, or other necessary design elements. As long as you are pleased with your setup, covers all the basic requirements of a UX/UI designer.

PDF export is ready at hand once you are done with your artwork. However, it requires signing up for a $16/month subscription for other formats conversion and unlimited revisions.

Pencil Project

Distributed by Mozilla, this mockup tool provides GUI prototyping and wireframing. Although it works mainly on Windows, it is accessible and easy for users to use on several other popular operating systems such as Mac OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.

This mockup tool works in several platforms

Besides the free shapes and templates available, Project Pencil also boasts a rich vector library.

The best part is the outstanding convenience comes with open source privileges. This means you have access to the latest resources. Developers constantly update features and security to optimize the user experience.


Fluid UI users can benefit from advanced cloud-based wireframe solutions. Based on ready-to-made 2000 graphic elements, the application supports outputs for web and mobile devices in minutes. This rich and eye-catching resource ticks the basic requirements.

However, the free features fail to reach the highest expectations compared to other freemium versions. To enjoy the powerful collaboration and unlimited design process, you must pay more.


This option deserves a big round of applause for the technical diversity of wireframes. Specifically, it assists users in creating web and smartphone (Android and iOS) template designs with correct dimensions. Defining the layout could be done without any hassle thanks to the built-in shapes and images.

If you are a beginner, the developer provides great help with classifying key components by use. For example, users come across GANT and PERT charts in the category for project management. Meanwhile, the SWOT diagram is available for marketers when creating their wireframe.


Users favor this prototyping tool due to the variety of templates aimed at different purposes such as engineering, marketing, product introduction, etc. It owns a huge built-in library that allows free access to complete your project.

The competitive edge of this option is the advanced collaboration suitable for businesses. Even with third parties, it promotes internal communication by sharing copies via email or real-time video calls. 

Conversations take place in series so that the participants catch up with the overall message with ease. Any legitimate visitor can leave a comment at a specific location to contribute to the project. This convenience results in increased productivity and smooth teamwork.

InVision App

This option is a well-known name trusted by designers, from novice to experienced. Its popularity stems from its multifunctionality, including static wireframe, rapid prototyping, and simulation.

Specifically, the application provides technical specifications scanned from your copies. Based on these coded details, developers can make measurements and develop interactive elements.

Besides, InVision opens a huge collection of free templates for users to take advantage of at any time. Freelancers will appreciate this easy access.

Most notably, the trial version takes design patterns to the next level. It accepts transitions to animations by moving the screen in multiple directions.

However, $15/month is required to unlock the premium version with full advanced features  and create up to 3 projects per account.

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