Landing Page Wireframes: How To Build, Templates & Examples

March 1, 2023
Landing Page Wireframes: How To Build, Templates & Examples


The landing page wireframe comes to catch the first sight of your visitors. It determines the likelihood of staying and converting into leads. For this great use, website owners always try to find the best way for an eye-catching and unique interface. 

4 Steps To Build Your Well-Designed Landing Page

Step 1: Identify The Object

Narrow down your target audience first

Business demands play the most important role when creating a landing page. Whether you make it yourself or working with a designer, here is a list of questions that you should clarify:

  • Who visits your website?
  • What is the goal of the conversion?
  • What do your competitors do with their landing pages?
  • What operations can be performed on the intended wireframe?
  • What mandatory elements does your project require?
  • What is your favorite style? Are there any examples for it?

Step 2: Prepare A Sketch

Outline and visualize the page structure

There are many means to help you create a draft, especially as technology advances today. Adobe Photoshop comes and offers great support for brainstorming solutions.

However, most experts believe that a pencil and an oversized sheet of paper provide better performance. Some people even work in a notebook and let their creativity take over.

Regardless of which one you choose, it is best to stick to this step and give your landing page various directions. Usually, experienced people complete this stage with 2-3 options. For example, one emphasizes the title, while the other creates a great visual accent with vibrant hero images.

Step 3: Review

Invest time to review the details

Once you have a general idea, it is time to dive into the details for a larger version. Your project requires stakeholder input to make modifications and adjustments at this stage.

This is also the right moment to take the idea further with clear and specific visualizations for a real website. In fact, your sketch gradually appears with notes beside the main wireframes.

In addition, the ideal process should go along with business analysis. For instance, find out the customer's point of view. It can give you suggestions for getting closer to the perfect version.

Step 4: Create The Effective Landing Page

Build up and refine the landing page is the last step

Now, design tools have the upper hand in the design. Everything converts from the page to the computer screen. It is best to prepare in three sizes for landing pages: desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Of course, reviewing and adding content (images, icons, customer testimonials, etc.) should happen simultaneously. Ensure that these details have the optimal size and resolution for the entire presentation.

Last but not least, remember to compare with the requirements in step 1 and evaluate objectively. Of course, it makes sense to change until you reach your conversion goal.

Essential Components Of A High-Click Landing Page 


First of all, you should think about the vital content that must appear on your landing page. Then, determine the order of importance to your visitors. Make sure they are powerful enough to keep your customers around.


  • Size

The most important information should appear in a larger format than the rest. This division directs customers to focus on what is most deserving.

  • Space

It provides a better visual effect if you spread the content across the interface instead of binding them. This arrangement is especially useful for calls to action. It eliminates clutter and visualizes your information. 

  • Direction

Never let users get lost on your landing page. Instead, give them specific instructions. This small action saves visitors time and helps you achieve the expected impact.

  • Value Proposition

This is how you highlight the essentials on your wireframe. Usually, it manifests through the division of the following factor.


  • Headline
An inviting headline is vital

The headline plays the most important role in attracting attention. Whether customers are intrigued to scroll down for the presentation below is credited to the headline.

Given this importance, designers should focus on key headlines that are as compelling and clear as possible. At the same time, it represents your biggest message that stays in the minds of your visitors right after they enter the website. In some cases, subheadings become compulsory to clarify the main ones.

Regardless of its hierarchy, a great option should convey your Unique Selling Point (USP). If you do not have a specific idea, here is how to do it:

  • Recommend a breaking news
  • Promote self-interest
  • Provide a quick solution
  • Arouse curiosity
  • Copy

Without a doubt, a customer never spends an hour researching your website. In other words, you only have a few seconds to get attention. Hence, it pays to identify what each part is about and communicate it effectively.

For example, bullet points figure out the main problem points in an offer and result in a quick scanning.

  • Social Proof

How to build customer trust at first sight? Nothing could be better than credible proof of your service. It includes testimonials, industry awards and achievements, partner/customer logos, privacy policy, etc.

  • Media

As you probably know, the human brain processes images faster than text. Therefore, this factor speaks more volume than boring words. There are some main components as follows:

  • Hero shots: illustrations for the overall service
  • Product images: a detailed look at each product
  • Infographics: provide data and statistics in a visual display

Additionally, you can leverage several types of videos (explain, intro, case study, etc.) to increase conversion efficiency.

  • Calls To Action

After all your tireless efforts, it is time to achieve the goal through the action button. For best results, here is what you should follow:

  • Color: Find contrast against the rest of the landing page and go for this shade.
  • Size: Make it stand out as much as possible, even in conjunction with the signposts.
  • Word: Do not use generic appeal. Instead, give your customers strong personalization and encouragement.

The Best Landing Page Wireframe Templates

If you are in a hurry for an outstanding landing page filled with all the necessary components, as mentioned above, these built-in templates may help. Designed to capture the visitor's attention, they save you time while still delivering a good outcome.

Global Sources

This simple landing assists in selling goods

This option is a great choice for e-commerce business owners. It provides a full range of main tasks for the online business, such as search bar, product catalog, registration options, etc.

In addition, other sub-pages that include the main home, product features, subscriptions, notifications, etc., are available.


Moqups’s popularity stems from its beautiful design and multi-functionality. However, most users often take advantage of it for company referrals, especially startups.

This template works with many types of presentation

The ready-made interface guarantees quick interest capture and high potential customer conversion. With two CTA buttons, a large web banner, a clean layout, etc., it builds a professional brand image and enhances SEO.

So Stereo

Build a treasure trove of interesting music? Come right to So Stereo to discover a simple yet interesting landing page. With an eye-catching hero image at the center, it immediately catches visitors' first sight and drives them to make further moves through a call-to-action.

A big banner calls for focus right from the beginning

Besides, it aims to smooth the user experience at optimum level by providing a full range of popular categories such as Discover More, FAQs, Customer Service, etc. Of course, it supports embedded videos that are never absent from music wireframes.


Educational landing pages often require both formality and fun - is it possible? The big answer is YES. 

Reasonable division of content relieves customer confusion

EdX showcases great solutions and courses for your business. Going into detail, necessary options are ready at hand, such as a navigation bar, search box, and login and registration buttons for customers to explore the content with ease.

Sketch Resource

When it comes to advertising a product, Sketch Resource takes the lead over the others as it embellishes your items. Large blank frames for appealing images attract customers at first glance. Besides, striking titles and action buttons energize your landing page to convert users.

Partnership Page

This model presents a prestigious image that helps attract sponsors and collaborators to come with your business. It turns your strengths into credible and engaging pitches to significantly impact the partnership.

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